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The next single from Basshunter: the latest info!
Wednesday April 13, 2011 10:01

As you know, Basshunter is currently in the program BigBrother Sweden to record a track with other members of the show.

Monday, April 11, he passed the test to candidates for the best are next to the title.

Tuesday, April 12, Basshunter has recorded the voices of candidates.

As of Wednesday, Basshunter will therefore leave the issue to complete in his own studio, his next title will be called "Party in the house" and should be available later in the week. (Maybe this Thursday! Watch basshunter-one.fr!)

Basshunter says that the instrumental version of his new title is really impressive and a real song to party! It only remains to ask the candidates vote on the issue and everything will be perfect. It states that everyone has a talent: some are more into the emotions while other are more into the technical side of voice. Surprise therefore that Jonas has been very pro with candidates during the hearings, but then "released"in the emission to share some quality time with candidates, no doubt of souvenbir "Celebrity Big Brother UK in 2010.

He even, for the next "gossip" embracing one candidate creating an e controversy with another roommate who is in love with this girl. In short,

BassHunter is in top form, and promises a single very rhythmic.

Stay tuned this week! Stay tuned to listen to his next title in the candidates excluded from the issue BigBrother on Basshunter-one.fr!


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val mcclennan
Thursday April 13, 2011 , 14:

Hi this isnt new very disapointed was hoping to hear new track