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ALBUM TBA !!! (To Be Anounced) // Dance Nation 2010 : Thanks !
Wednesday October 20, 2010 18:08

Basshunter is back soon with a new album!

He is currently in the studio to finish recording his album! The first single "Saturday", you already know, posting an album a little more pop, even if Jonas said his album would be a mixture of dance, as in his previous albums, and pop, as with "Saturday".

More info soon!

By Dance Nation :

We've just uploaded the amazing video from Dance Nation Live 2010 at Shepherd's Bush!!! Make sure you watch it now and check out Basshunter , Fugative , Muzzy Gonline , Perry Mystique , Tita Lau , Damae Klein as well as Nordic Stars, MC Enemy, Joey Riot and Dangerous Dave!!!!
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